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I can't bring you flowers to welcome you, so I made this page with LOTS of resources; videos, articles, websites, and of course the best of what we have here at The Prepared Environment.  

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everything your child needs at home to thrive at school.

  • Learn how to design your daily routines, ask the right questions, offer help when needed, and encourage independence

  • Gain insight on what your child is doing in her first, second, and third year of Montessori primary school, and what to expect around age 6.

  • Includes over 40 resources and five bonus printables 



These websites have a wealth of information about mindful parenting and all the skills we are discussing.  Many of these sites also offer information about setting up your home, developing habits, creating routines, and finding support.  

Resources for Infant Educarers: Books, courses, and support for parents with children under age 2.

Positive Discipline: Excellent step-by-step resources, classes, and programs for parents

Family Resource Collection from the American Montessori Society

Aid to Life: Montessori at Home for children under age 3

How We Montessori:  A mom blog detailing her journey with Montessori at Home, birth to elem.  

Mindful Magazine: A collection of articles about mindful practices, including resources for parents. 

AHA! Parenting Huge resource of peaceful parenting advice and answers from birth to 18 yrs. 

Berkeley Well-Being Institute A quiz and resources to help identify your inner voice, attitude, and beliefs