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18-24 Months: About this Age

Eighteen to Twenty-four months

What happens when I do this?

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This age child is determined, and in full exploration mode.  We're entering full toddler-hood here.  Around 18-24 months, your child is learning to control events and mentally organize the world around her.  She has little sense of real danger, and is mostly incapable of sharing.  This age child wants to imitate you and be nearby while remaining fiercely independent.  

This is the time to introduce toilet learning (if you haven't already), and offer a handful of simple practical life activities, focusing on personal and home care.

Go outside and keep a consistent routine everyday if possible.  External order and routine is translated to logical thought processes, and will help your child feel more secure.

Toddlers are explorers.  They test everything- words, strength, gravity, your patience, power, control, limits, etc.  Expect this, and know that it's helpful for your child to make these discoveries now.  

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12-18 Months: About this Age

Twelve to Eighteen Months

I can help.

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A 12 to 18 month old is experiencing a huge leap in mobility as she is able to stand, walk, and free her hands for exploring! Remember, new skills do not emerge in a steady line.  Just because your child did it once doesn't mean she can do it again on command.  

Children this age express thoughts and emotions without a filter, and live in the moment.  A child this age can only see the world through her eyes, asking her to “share” or “be a good girl” is meaningless.  

This child is also experiencing a leap in understanding language and speaking.  Your child is watching your every move, word, and response, and using them as a model for how to act.

Learning how to solve small everyday problems on her own is essential at this stage, and she’ll devote deep concentration in order to learn.   She can’t predict or make judgments about her actions, even if she understands all the steps and has experienced the effects before. 

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6-12 Months: About this Age

Six to twelve Months

I can really move now!

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Around 6 months, many babies really get moving as they begin crawling, scooting, pulling up, and creeping. Make sure your home is ready for this new level of exploration with the appropriate safety measures. I suggest creating a “yes space” so your child can freely explore without your direct supervision in a safe manner.

Your child's brain is hard at work wiring all the necessary nerve connections for these new methods of transportation in her arms and legs, and she needs LOTS of time on the floor to practice. Any container your put your child in (bouncy seat, jumper, car seat, stroller, chairs with straps, etc) is directly opposing this goal and getting in the way of her natural development.

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3-6 Months: About this Age

Three to Six Months

I have hands!? How do I use these? 

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Around 3 months your child is spending more time awake, and is ready for a few simple toys to explore. There's a lot of coordination work to be done with hands, arms, legs, and feet, so make sure your child has time to move around on the floor or another clean, flat surface. You can begin transitioning to a floor bed or crib around this time, as you notice your child can spend more time asleep throughout the night.

Your child may be getting her first teeth during this time! She will also begin babbling, making all the sounds she hears around her. She won't be able to speak for quite some time, but it's important to still speak to her like she could reply, with a full sentences and a rich vocabulary.

If you are nearing the end of parental leave and looking for respectful care, read this guide.

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