3-6 Months: About this Age

Three to Six Months

I have hands!? How do I use these? 

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Around 3 months your child is spending more time awake, and is ready for a few simple toys to explore. There's a lot of coordination work to be done with hands, arms, legs, and feet, so make sure your child has time to move around on the floor or another clean, flat surface. You can begin transitioning to a floor bed or crib around this time, as you notice your child can spend more time asleep throughout the night.

Your child may be getting her first teeth during this time! She will also begin babbling, making all the sounds she hears around her. She won't be able to speak for quite some time, but it's important to still speak to her like she could reply, with a full sentences and a rich vocabulary.

If you are nearing the end of parental leave and looking for respectful care, read this guide.

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