12-18 Months: Bed and Bath

12-18 months: Bed and Bath

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With newly acquired skills like standing and walking comes great opportunity for independence.  The tools listed below allow your child to do many things on her own that would otherwise be challenging in an adult-sized home.  

Be sure you also offer opportunities to practice care-of-self activities like combing hair, washing hands and face, and brushing teeth.  You'll still need to help meet the goal of these activities, but as your child gains practice, she'll eventually be able to meet these goals herself.  

This is also the time to offer emotional and intellectual independence through limited, real choices.  Read more about independence and toddlers here. 

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Self-Care Materials for 12-18 months

Light switch extender

Light Switch Extender

This clever piece of plastic allows your child to turn on or off any light switch by herself.  Use this one if you have the wider rocker switches in your home.  

Faucet Extender

Again, another piece of clever plastic that encourages independence! The gray end is made of silicone and fits over the spigot of your sink, allowing the stream of water to extend a few inches closer to the edge of the sink.  This is a must for any small child! 

Hairbrush and Comb

Care of self is the very foundation for all practical life activities, and necessary for building functional independent skills.  This lovely set offers three tools for various hair types (or no hair at all!).   

image from  IKEA

image from IKEA

Step Stool

This is my favorite two-step stool for young children.  If you have a slippery floor, you could always glue some non-skid rubber to the bottom, or you may want a step stool like this one.  I'd also add some non-skid tape to the steps for extra traction.  

Small Bathroom Mirror

Most 12-18 month olds are not tall enough to see in the bathroom mirror, even with a step stool.  Solve this with a small unbreakable mirror like this one attached to the bathroom wall or vanity.