12-18 Months: About this Age

Twelve to Eighteen Months

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A 12 to 18 month old is experiencing a huge leap in mobility as she is able to stand, walk, and free her hands for exploring! Remember, new skills do not emerge in a steady line.  Just because your child did it once doesn't mean she can do it again on command.  

Children this age express thoughts and emotions without a filter, and live in the moment.  A child this age can only see the world through her eyes, asking her to “share” or “be a good girl” is meaningless.  

This child is also experiencing a leap in understanding language and speaking.  Your child is watching your every move, word, and response, and using them as a model for how to act.

Learning how to solve small everyday problems on her own is essential at this stage, and she’ll devote deep concentration in order to learn.   She can’t predict or make judgments about her actions, even if she understands all the steps and has experienced the effects before. 

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