Is your child learning skills for school?  

Or skills for life?



When my child grows up, I hope... 

Some people just seem different.  They are curious and ask thoughtful questions.  They can respectfully listen to your opposing point of view, and refrain from judging or attempting to change your mind.  They take responsibility and accept the consequences for their actions, and actively help others.  They see problems as a challenge and come up with creative solutions.  They are compassionate, empathetic, and open-minded.  

How do you raise such a human? 

It's not by choosing the perfect school. Our schools aren't teaching this to our children.

With such a strong focus on academics, test scores and student achievement, teachers have less time than ever to cultivate community, build character, and teach life skills.   Left in the hands of this system, we teach our children to game the system, to work for the end product, and rush through the process on the way there.  Thinking for yourself and coming up with alternative answers is frowned upon.  Without the self-confidence afforded by trying new things and succeeding, 

As a parent you have a HUGE influence on how your children approach problems, think about other people, and view the world.  You now have a choice: use this power, or cross your fingers and hope for the best.  

This topic kept coming up for my parents in schools, and in my coaching practice.  It came down to the practical questions: 

“How do I build self-confidence in my child?” 

“I need help finding the balance between setting firm limits and encouraging independence.” 

“My child is hurting others and I don't know how to make him care!”

“How do I get my child to take responsibility and solve his own problems?” 

This course outlines 7 skills your child needs to truly succeed in life, and practical steps to teach them. 

After taking this course, you'll see your child in a whole new light, with a greater respect for their development.  Your relationship will be transformed from power struggle to partnership.  Watch your child grow more responsible and independent as soon as you put these ideas into action.  

  • Learn how you are sabotaging independence, creativity, confidence, and responsibility


  • Enjoy more independent, responsible children (at any age)


  • Teach your children how to speak up for their needs and wants in a respectful way. 


  • Learn how to correct a mistake in the most helpful way.

  • Spend less time entertaining your children and solving their problems.

  • Build a framework for self-discipline without punishment. 

  • Watch your children fall in love with learning and stay curious

  • Create a strong foundation for emotional intelligence, skills, and awareness.

  • Teach your child how to understand and have empathy for other viewpoints, while strongly disagreeing with them. 

  • Show your child how to solve their own problems in an appropriate, considerate way.

  • Help your child develop a not-yet mindset, build determination and persistence

  • Spark and encourage your child's creativity. 

  • Learn the tools and toys you need available to support these qualities.