A true Montessori home has adults who get it.jpg

A true Montessori home is more than just small tools and low shelves.

 A true Montessori home has adults who understand their child's development, offer kind and firm limits, opportunities for independence, and gentle guidance.

But that's hard to explain, much less master.

So what do we share with our Montessori families to help them raise confident, compassionate children? And how do you possibly fit in guiding your parents as well as a classroom of children?


We know you’ve got your hands full, so here's three easy things to get you started.

Start a Conversation

#1 Start a Conversation

Did you know we offer free check-in calls for ALL your parents? Yep! We’ll personally answer your parent’s questions and connect them to resources.

It’s what we love to do! 

Share our Resources

#2 Share our Resources

Improve your parent program right now on our School Resource Page. Check out our free printables, articles, and Parent Pages.

Guide your Parents

#3 Guide Your Parents

Bring us to your school and community! Our local events offer step by step modeling, demonstrations, and practical information your parents can use today.

 Contact us here for details, and check out our local workshops and classes below!