Bring The Prepared Environment to your community! 


We've taken the most-requested topics from parents around the world and created these workshops and classes.  

Our three parent workshops discuss the three big concepts of environment, parenting skills, and age-appropriate activities.  

We even have a professional development workshop to get your entire staff on board.  In true Montessori fashion, all our local events provide a safe environment to practice and truly learn new mindful parenting skills.  

The only work for you is deciding which one!  


Parent Workshops

Independence: The Key to Self-Confidence and Motivation

Children do not learn self-confidence through our praise and evaluation, but only through their own efforts to evaluate their actions. We'll discuss how to create opportunities for independence at home, how to provide exciting, appropriate activities, and how to keep this mindset as a parent.

This workshop can include Montessori at Home starter kits for families with 10 materials each.

Setting Limits and other Mindful Parent Skills

Finding the balance of control, guidance, and support isn’t easy as a parent.  In this workshop, we’ll learn the parenting skills needed to build autonomy, critical thinking skills, resourcefulness, and confidence and walk through three steps to create your limits, enforce them with kindness, and prepare your space. 

Inspiring Joyful, Creative Play in a Digital Age

What inspires true play? We'll discuss how to choose toys for your home, how to design an inspiring play-space indoors and out, and practice being creative!

This workshop includes recommended toys and materials, and real home design examples.  

Guide Workshops

Montessori at Home: What Parents Really Need to Know

“We love Montessori! How do we do this at home too?” Do you get this questions all the time too? Montessori at home looks different than our classrooms, so how do you communicate the key principles to busy parents? In this Professional Development workshop, I will challenge the way you and your school approach parent education, and share how to guide parents while also guiding their children.

All our workshops are between one and two hours in length, with a short time for questions, refreshments, and connection afterwards. Starting at $495, we suggest charging tickets at the event to help cover costs. You could even co-host an event with another school or group!   Contact us for details or travel estimates.