Guiding your school families requires time, patience, and resources, and maybe you already have your hands full. 

Our parent programs offer comprehensive support for your children, families, and staff so you can keep doing the work you do best in the classroom. 

This program also draws in new families and offers community outreach, and can even earn your school money if you fill all the classes and workshops.  

This fully customized program includes:

A meet and greet with your parents to ask questions and gain information. 
Young Family classes to support parents in your community, promote your school, gain new families. 
Our Montessori at Home 6 week Parent Class

A Parent Night Workshop 

Guide Support
A PD day of what parents really need to know.   How to meet parents where they are, offer suggestions and gentle guidance, and get the right mindset. 


Newsletter masters for those of use who like to read on paper.  10 topics related to Montessori at Home in an easy-to-read one page format.   3 Master files included for 3 guides.

Local Parent Services: One first visit to raffle off.  Includes a gift certificate. 

Total upfront cost of this program is $4200. 
Charge tickets for classes and the workshops and you can make all this back and more if you fill classes. 

Schools are saying... 


It’s an easy way to help parents “get it” and support all the work their child is doing at school. You provide a valuable, easy-to-read resource AND help support Montessori at home for your children.

Thanks to feedback from guides like you, we are currently re-structuring our parent pages. 

We expect to re-release these pages with a digital and print option.  Sign up here to be notified when they are available. 

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