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When I was a guide I struggled to find helpful information about Montessori at home to send home with my parents. I didn't have the time to tell them or write it myself!  

Five years later, I've gathered a HUGE collection of resources for parents (and even included some for you too!) 

These are for you!
Check-in with your parents

Start a Conversation

It's not easy to explain Montessori at Home, especially if you have a classroom of parents!  Get a copy of our Parent Pages, written as one-page conversation starters for the top concerns we hear from parents all the time.  


Get your families' questions answered. 

Wish your families understood the damages of excess screen time, but don't have the time to explain what to do instead? We offer Home Design and personal Ask An Expert consultation for every room and common topic about Montessori at Home.

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Freebies for Schools

Freebies for Schools

Our gift to you.  These files change from time to time, so check back often! 

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Share our (free) Parent Resources

Our website has a vast collection of resources for families looking to understand and implement Montessori at Home.  Send your parents to our Parent’s Handbook for articles, The Catalog for material recommendations, and the Crashcourse for an overview of Montessori at home. 

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Find a Specialist

Looking for an expert? Start with The Montessori Company's Professional Directory of Montessori and like-minded educators.