Our parent pages help parents "get" Montessori

Our Parent Pages provide tools and resources for parents to carry the same Montessori principles from school into their homes.  

It’s an easy way to help parents “get it” and support all the work their child is doing at school. You provide a valuable, easy-to-read resource AND help support Montessori at home for your children.

what's inside


10 Topic Master Pages, printed on card-stock in full color, which you may copy as much as you like for as long as you teach.

An introduction page for your parents

Access to our Parent Pages Companion online resource page, with discussion questions, links, articles, and more information for parents.


The Parent Pages 

These 10 topic master pages answer some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from parents including:

  • What do I pack for lunch?

  • How to get out the door on time in the morning with young children?

  • Supporting healthy emotional development

  • How do I encourage nature play without a yard?

  • Dealing with tantrums

  • What “Help me do it by myself” really means

  • My child says she does “nothing” at school.

  • How do I teach my child to be responsible without nagging?

  • What can we do together that everyone enjoys?

  • Can my child be responsible for her own things at home too?

  • The best toys for creative play

  • How do I support my child’s independence? 

Your 10 full-color masters are yours to keep and copy as long as you teach.  Send one home a month for your entire school year, and check parent newsletter off your list.  Or, use them as handouts to compliment your existing parent education.  The choice is yours. 

Pages are written for the Primary or Children's house classrooms, and will be mailed to you directly, ready to copy. 

Resource Webpage

The Parent Page Companion Guide has enough ideas to keep your parents engaged all year long. 

The Parent Page Companion Guide has enough ideas to keep your parents engaged all year long. 

Each Parent Page is just the beginning, a short introduction to these topics.  So, we've included a companion resource webpage for you to continue the conversation and guide your parent's learning.  

The webpage has discussion questions for each page's topic, highly recommended parent books, websites, article, videos, and links to child-sized materials. There's even a collection of ready-to-go shareable items for your school's social media accounts. 

A link to the webpage and pass-code is included in your purchase.  

Schools can take 15% off orders for multiple classrooms with the code: SCHOOLPARENTPAGES at checkout. We appreciate you being honest and helping us make more awesome things for your staff!