Our Parent Pages provide tools and resources for parents to carry the same Montessori principles from school into their homes.  

It’s an easy way to help parents “get it” and support all the work their child is doing at school. You provide a valuable, easy-to-read resource AND help support Montessori at home for your children.  

Pages will be similar to these flyers.


10 Newsletter Master Pages you can copy and send home with your parents each month.  Send home one page a month for your entire school year, or pick and choose to compliment your current parent education programming.  Parent Pages will be arrived printed on card stock in full color. 

Topics include:

  • Setting Limits
  • Creating a Daily Routine
  • Outdoor Exploration Activities
  • The Best Toys
  • Packing a Lunch
  • ...and more!

These Parent Pages are directed at parents with children between 2 and 6 years of age.  We hope to make more pages in the future for other ages.  

Thanks to feedback from guides like you, we are currently re-structuring our parent pages.  

UPDATE: Pages will be available on October 1st!