Our Families  Say...

Our son is doing wonderfully. He likes school, which is of course fantastic. I can’t say how wonderfully you prepared him. I have been especially struck by how he is able to occupy himself and enjoy doing projects — he loves things like free write (where they write whatever they want on seemingly endless sheets of paper), art, and quiet time (when he just does whatever he wants but quietly at his desk).

He just know now how to follow his own interests on his own, and these are probably his favorite times at schools. And I know that this is all from you — we are so grateful!
As a single mom, I simply want to wrap you up and take–AND KEEP–you home with me after perusing your website Leanne, you are an awesome and impressive educator! Thank you for coming to my humble home; I couldn’t get enough of you.
Reading Practice
I just wanted to let you know that I love getting your emails! They always give me fresh ideas for how to engage our son at home and make life so much simpler. I really appreciate the expertise and insight you bring.
Leanne has been an incredible resource for our family - even better than we could have ever hoped for. We had the opportunity to employ her to work one-on-one with our toddler on an ongoing basis. The positive results of her work were seen immediately.

She approaches childhood development and engagement with enthusiasm and creativity. She has a keen understanding of the emotional, physical and intellectual needs of young children and comes ready with the tools to meet those needs. Not only is she incredibly capable, but she also shows up every day with a good attitude and a smile. I am confident that her experience and training would translate positively across different age groups and personalities.

I could not offer a stronger recommendation for anyone; she is simply exceptional at her job.
“It was really helpful getting your ideas about how to set up the room. I loved the website with all of your awesome notes and ideas! That was great!

I also thought your insight on child development and your book recommendations was very helpful. Tai loves the mailboxes and having address labels and stamps at his disposal!”
— Nikki
We are keeping the space in order and the girls are definitely in there more now. Thanks so much for the ideas for the tables and mats. The tables look like the perfect thing. Thanks again for all your help.
Before our visits, we felt very uncertain about what constituted “quality care” and unsure that we would be able to identify it from such a short visit. After visiting centers with Leanne, we felt much more confident about our ability to discern what constitutes high quality child care. Without her guidance, I would have never known what to look for and would have missed many if not all examples of these indicators.
I found our session to be very helpful. I appreciate the links you had put together ahead of time and your suggestions for toys and activities.
Thank you! I quite enjoyed this morning. The chat was very refreshing to me, to speak my mind of my desires and what I know I need in the house, but have it heard by someone who can help guide me there. Thank you!!
Nathan LOVED his new kitchen, he was soooo sweet and excited! ... I did get the book on toileting and was really interested in the ideas there. I might try it with Lucy soon!
S, age 6 planned out 2 garden plots in his backyard with Leanne's guidance, and then completed all the work to finish his project.   Read the full story here.  

S, age 6 planned out 2 garden plots in his backyard with Leanne's guidance, and then completed all the work to finish his project.  Read the full story here. 

I read extensively and consider myself well-versed in Montessori Methods and the integration of Montessori principles in the home, yet in a forty-five minute conversation with Leanne, I found myself reeling with wonderment at just how many details I had missed that would truly enrich our son’s home environment.