Hey there!

It was so lovely to meet you at One Tree Tutorial parent workshop. This page has LOTS of resources to continue learning about Montessori at Home and help you incorporate some ideas into your space and home school practice. 

Here's three easy first steps you can take.  Print a bonus handout, review the photos from the slideshow for inspiration, and read an article or two for more information.  Then, get started!  

I'd love to hear how things go with you, share a photo or let me know how I might help! Contact me here.



Print these bonus handouts

Thinking about Montessori Homeschooling Start here.png

Home school guidance

Get support for your home school lesson planning or design.


Review the photos from the workshop

Get all the images from the slideshow here  


Read an article for more details

Get  Started!


Choose ONE thing to work on at a time-- a phrase to practice, a morning routine, a writing center, etc.  Start small and simple! 

Use the photos and resources on this page for inspiration, but your space should work for YOUR family.  There is no "right" design.

Ask your classroom guides for insight and advice on what your child is interested in now, and how you might follow along with that in a helpful way at home.  

Reach out if you want some help and direction!  Contact me here.