Do you ever wish you had an expert in your pocket when you're not quite sure what to say

(like when your two year old throws her dinner on the floor)?  

Want to start Montessori home-schooling, but you've never taught before? 

Is your child just figuring out how to read, and you (also) hate those BOB books?

Have you been dreading toilet training?  

Is dinner more like a 3 ring circus and you're lucky if you get more than a bite of mac-n-cheese? 



Let's make a plan together.

We'll discuss your concerns, and what's going on now.  Then, I'll share my years of insight with you and talk about what's possible.  Book a call for quick answers and plans, or invest in a 6 week mentorship for structure, motivation, and accountability to make a real change. I also do a handful of on-site visits throughout the year which range from 2 days to multiple months at a time.  Those go fast!  

I would be honored to help you make dinner in peace, to empower you to set clear limits, and to teach you all the tricks I know for encouraging independence! Click the "Get Started Now" button and I'll give you a quick call to talk about what makes sense for you and your family, no strings attached! 


make a plan for:


Parents have used our Ask an Expert services to... 

  • Become aware of how I'm sabotaging creativity and responsibility.
  • Design a daily home-school schedule for 3 children of various ages. 
  • Enjoy more independent, responsible children
  • Adapt reading strategies for a slower reader.
  • Teach my children how to speak up for their needs and wants in a respectful way.
  • Learn the skill of observation.
  • Build a framework for self-discipline without punishment.
  • Create a strong foundation for emotional intelligence, skills, and awareness.
  • Get feedback on my home school lesson plans.
  • Gain a handful of go-to phrases for tricky moments
  • Learn a few activities my child can do on her own while I cook.
I read extensively and consider myself well-versed in Montessori Methods and the integration of Montessori principles in the home, yet in a forty-five minute conversation with Leanne, I found myself reeling with wonderment at just how many details I had missed that would truly enrich our son’s home environment.
— Bridget

Ask an Expert Services

Ask an Expert by phone or video chat

Phone or Video Chat

Make a plan and get some answers during naptime.  Our coaching sessions are available by the hour or half-hour and start at $45. 

Local visits are available by the hour in the Greater DC Metro area.

Get Coaching


Take the next step with our one-to-one mentorship programs. Gain structure, motivation, and accountability to make a real change.

Programs include 6 weekly calls, direct access to Leanne, immediate feedback, and a personalized strategy.  

Parent Guide

Parent Guide

Bring Leanne out to your home for a few days, or a few months!  This VIP service offers you the opportunity to directly learn from Leanne's modeling with your children.  

These book quickly for the year, as there are only a few available.    

“Thank you! I quite enjoyed this morning. The chat was very refreshing to me, to speak my mind of my desires and what I know I need in the house, but have it heard by someone who can help guide me there. Thank you!!”
— Rebecca