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If you were to read just one book about guiding children this age, this is where I'd start.  

The Positive Discipline series offers practical "here's what you say" type advice for common situations with children.  This book focuses on 0-3 year olds.  

Janet's taken popular questions about common concerns for ages 0-3, and offered advice from a RIE perspective. 

This book is for any of you with more than one child at home.  Practical advice on mediating conflicts, dealing with age and power differences, and establishing a positive family culture.  

This is another great overview book the the RIE philosophy, by Magda herself.  Lots of short, easy to read chapters! 

Not only is this a delicious cookbook, the first few chapters outline healthy foods for infants and toddlers!  Cynthia has a newer cookbook out too, with an emphasis on whole foods.   

Understanding Montessori: A Guide for Parents
By Maren Schmidt, Dana Schmidt

This is the best introductory book to the Montessori Philosophy that I've found for parents.  Maren also writes a fabulous newsletter called Kids Talk.  

If you are struggling with keeping your cool and managing your reactions, Dr. Laura's book is easy to read and includes lots of take-away action items.  She also runs AHA Parenting, which has an amazing amount of information about peaceful, positive parenting

This is one of the best books for Montessori at Home under the age of three.  It's fairly dense and is not as straight forward as the RIE books mentioned above.  However, it is an all-inclusive guide for designing a prepared Montessori space for a child under age three and worth a read.  

This book is a great place to start with Montessori at Home.  There's a small amount of information about a variety of topics, and is easier to put into action than "Montessori from the Start".  


These websites have a wealth of information about mindful parenting and all the skills we are discussing.  Many of these sites also offer information about setting up your home, developing habits, creating routines, and finding support.  

Resources for Infant Educarers: Books, courses, and support for parents with children under age 2.

Positive Discipline: Excellent step-by-step resources, classes, and programs for parents

Family Resource Collection from the American Montessori Society

Aid to Life: Montessori at Home for children under age 3

How We Montessori:  A mom blog detailing her journey with Montessori at Home, birth to elem.  

Mindful Magazine: A collection of articles about mindful practices, including resources for parents. 

AHA! Parenting Huge resource of peaceful parenting advice and answers from birth to 18 yrs. 

Kids Talk A collection of articles by Maren Schmidt about Montessori at Home and parenting