Within the child lies the fate of the future.
— Maria Montessori

We are committed to positive change in our world and strive to incorporate these ethics in our everyday business.  

We can't know the future our children will live in, so all we can do is equip them to be the best humans possible.  

Together, we can help your children develop a strong sense of self, be confident in their abilities, and have the skills to act on their ideas at home and at school.



Our  Story


The Prepared Environment was founded in June of 2012 in response to families needing to bring the core concepts of Montessori into their homes.

During a parent education night, a parent expressed her gratitude for the information presented, but said she felt lost in how to apply the concepts in her own home.  She asked if any of the guides presenting did home visits–and The Prepared Environment was born!

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