Hey! Thanks for attending my parent night about encouraging independence at home.  This page has LOTS of resources to continue learning about supporting your children and mindful parenting by design.  

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We've made a booklet with everything your child needs at home to thrive at school.

  • Learn how to design your daily routines, ask the right questions, offer help when needed, and encourage independence

  • Gain insight on what your child is doing in her first, second, and third year of Montessori primary school, and what to expect around age 6.

  • Includes over 40 resources and five bonus printables 

Download the PDF here


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Resources for Infant Educarers: Books, courses, and support for parents with children under age 2.

Positive Discipline: Excellent step-by-step resources, classes, and programs for parents

Family Resource Collection from the American Montessori Society

Aid to Life: Montessori at Home for children under age 3

How We Montessori:  A mom blog detailing her journey with Montessori at Home, birth to elem.  

Mindful Magazine: A collection of articles about mindful practices, including resources for parents. 

Get  Started!

  • Put the items from the starter kit in your home so your child can use them.  

  • Read through the catchphrases and choose 2 to focus on this week.

  • Practice pausing 2-3 seconds before you respond, comment, help, or interrupt.  Do you really need to step in?