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Thanks for watching my video on Avital's Joyschooling course.  It's truly one of the better guides I've seen for understanding this whole education thing and I'm honored to be a part of it.

Now that you are ready to choose a school that fits your lifestyle, make sure your home is offering the best support possible for your young children. Don't know what a Montessori home looks like? You're in good company.  I got this question so much that I wrote a 33 page guide to cover common questions like creating a daily routine, what to pack for lunch, how to encourage independence, and manage all the emotional challenges of starting a new school.  

This booklet is essential for all new Montessori parents, AND I'm offering 25% off for you! Use the code JOYSCHOOL at checkout to get this offer.  

While you are here, check out my articles and our other resources for parents.  And thanks for stopping by! 

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everything your child needs at home to thrive at school.

  • Learn how to design your daily routines, ask the right questions, offer help when needed, and encourage independence

  • Gain insight on what your child is doing in her first, second, and third year of Montessori primary school, and what to expect around age 6.

  • Includes over 40 resources and five bonus printables 


Use the code JOYSCHOOL for 25% off this booklet.  


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