What if, by merely changing the space around your child,

you could build her grit, compassion, intelligence, self-control, and happiness?  

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Mindful parenting by design

The skills your child needs to succeed in life, to be truly happy are directly learned from her experiences with the environment and people around her.

I'm Leanne Gray, and I'm on a mission to raise a generation of confident, compassionate, responsible children with well-designed environments.

I find parents like you are overwhelmed and unsure what advice to follow. How do you take the ideas from experts like Dr. Montessori, Magda Gerber, Jean Piaget, and put them into practical daily use?

You're in the right place.

I've gathered what you need, what to say, and what to do

to raise confident, capable children, and it's all right here.

Free resources 

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How to bring the ideas of Montessori into your home.

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How do you ask for the gifts you WANT for your children? It’s all here.

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The best toys and materials for supporting your child's development.

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Over 50 articles about living and thriving with young children


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