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2-3 years

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We're entering full toddler-hood here.  Around 18-24 months, your child is learning to control events and mentally organize the world around her.  She has little sense of real danger, and is mostly incapable of sharing.  This age child wants to imitate you and be nearby while remaining fiercely independent.  

This is the time to introduce toilet learning (if you haven't already), and offer a handful of simple practical life activities, focusing on personal and home care.

Go outside and keep a consistent routine everyday if possible.  External order and routine is translated to logical thought processes, and will help your child feel more secure.

Toddlers are explorers.  They test everything- words, strength, gravity, your patience, power, control, limits, etc.  Expect this, and know that it's helpful for your child to make these discoveries now.  

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