7 life lessons I've learned from children

1. Slow down. You miss things when you move fast, talk, fast, act fast.

2. The everyday things are beautiful and amazing

3. Life is silly and funny. If you don't think so, you're taking yourself too seriously.

4. Give it a minute and you'll feel better. It might hurt a lot right now, but it will hurt less soon.

5. Say it like it is. You'll get farther if you are honest, open and vulnerable.

6. Keep trying and you'll get it.

7. You can have fun anywhere with anyone with anything. See number 6 if you're having trouble.

What lessons have you learned from children?  Share your thoughts!

7 life lessons I've learned from children

Leanne Gray, M.Ed is the owner of The Prepared Environment, which supports families in creating an ideal environment for their children at home. She has over fifteen years experience working with children in both public, private, and Montessori schools, and is AMI primary trained. You can always contact her for personalized support and answers to your questions