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It was so lovely to meet you at The Montessori Event in DC, and thanks for attending my workshop!  This page has LOTS of resources to continue learning about Montessori at Home and how to help your parents make it happen. 

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We developed a series of Parent Pages to jump start discussions on common parenting topics like discipline, independence, tantrums, and getting to school on time.

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 Montessori at Home

Where to send your parents for answers

Montessori Gifts (a project of The Prepared Environment) offers a solution for birthday and holiday gift discussions with well-meaning friends and family.  Simple, easy-to read information and links to specific examples.

For Small Hands This is a sister site for the popular Montessori Services, and has materials specifically for parents to use at home. Check out their blog as well!

Positive Discipline This is a series of books, training, and companion materials offering a clear method for assertive kind-yet- firm parenting. I hand this book to parents all the time, and there's even a Montessori Positive Discipline trainer for your staff!

Playful Learning While not specifically Montessori, the activities listed here are right in line with hands-on, discovery learning. Check out their parent courses and freebies too, or order her book.

how we montessori If you haven't heard of Kylie's blog yet, you're in for a treat. She has chronicled both of her son's Montessori-at-home experience from birth through elementary , and has a lot of great information for parents just getting started. She also co-authored Kids in the Kitchen, a fabulous picture cookbook for children.

The Montessori Notebook  Simone has wonderful resources on her site including free ones, courses, and she just published a book for Montessori Toddlers at Home!   

R.I.E.® and Janet Lansbury   Magda Gerber is the founder of Resources for Infant Educarers®, a method totally based on respect, observation, and child development. While not entirely in line with Montessori, the RIE methods are clear, easy-to-understand, and simple to put into practice for parents. I recommend Magda's book to new parents, and all of Janet Lansbury's articles and podcasts to young families.

Non-violent Communication I used a simple version of this method in my classroom, as many of you do as well. The core principles of NVC are simple and translate well to parents communicating with their children (and their partners!). I recommend these two parent books: Parenting from your Heart and Raising Children Compassionately.

Simplicity Parenting This book is a wonderful reminder to slow down and offer quality over quantity for our children.

Montessori at Home from AMS and AMI   The Family Resource Collection from the American Montessori Society offers a jumping off point for families, as does the Aid to Life page for children under age 3.

Mindful Magazine A collection of articles about mindful (paying attention on purpose) practices, including resources for parents.

AHA! Parenting Huge resource of peaceful parenting advice and answers from birth to 18 yrs.

Find an Expert Start with the Professional Directory that Michelle so kindly organized over at The Montessori Company.

The Prepared Environment  Our website offers articles, a catalog of home materials, and online courses for Montessori families.   Check out our school specific resources too!

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