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Conflict and Communication

Learn how to model and use clear language with your children based on Nonviolent Communication values. We will discuss teaching empathy, and understanding age appropriate emotional and social skills.

Baby’s First Bedroom

The Montessori infant bedroom looks different because it is centered on the child, not just the adult. Learn the essentials to have in place, how to baby-proof, and how to make the space work for caregivers as well. We’ll also go over the why behind the design, and tailor a bedroom design for your home.

DIY Montessori Early Mobile Series (local only)

Come learn about and make four mobiles used with infants in the first months of life. Not only are the mobiles simple and beautiful, they are designed with your baby’s brain development in mind.

Montessori in the Home 101- Creating a Home for the Whole Family to Thrive

How do you create an environment that supports the holistic development of your child, but is still a family home? Learn ways to allow young children to participate more fully in the daily family life and celebrations. We’ll cover essential concepts to provide in a home environment, and examples of how to apply these to your home. This workshop is centered around children ages 0-6, but families with older children can also apply this information.

Observation: What’s Really Going On Here?

Observation is a powerful tool. Stopping for even a few seconds before reacting can make a big difference in response! We’ll discuss basic Montessori theory and child development, and then how to use this information in interacting with your child.

Language and the Young Child

A child’s acquisition and mastery of their native language is amazing. Learn more about how this happens, what you can offer as support, and make supplies for activities at home.

Participating in Family Life: Practical Home Activities

Learn ways to allow young children to participate more fully in daily family life and celebrations. We’ll also discuss how to nurture independence and responsibility, and how to provide exciting, appropriate activities.

The Family Kitchen

The kitchen and family meals are the heart of the home. We’ll discuss healthy meal planning, ways to include children of all ages in cooking, meal planning, and caring for the kitchen space.

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